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Report 2015

A balanced approach to talent acquisition

Against the backdrop of strategic repositioning and the challenges ahead, Deutsche Bank has adopted a balanced approach to talent acquisition. It relies both on leveraging the skills and experience already available within the organization, while bringing in the necessary capabilities that will help position the Bank for long-term sustainable performance.

In 2015, the Bank continued to strengthen its internal career mobility activities to drive greater career development and retention of employees. The current focus is on communicating and informing employees, creating greater visibility of opportunities, enabling managers and setting a suitable framework. In preparations to implement the Bank’s Strategy 2020, a more focused approach was developed to actively identify redeployment opportunities, a key aspect of internal career mobility and an important measure to realize restructuring programs in a socially responsible manner. A particular focus will be placed on facilitating cross-divisional moves, which also allows employees to develop and expand their skills and pursue diverse careers.

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open roles filled internally


graduates hired

Throughout the year, more than one-third of open roles were filled internally at a global level, with a much higher ratio seen in Germany (60%). Together with other development moves, more than 10,000 FTEs changed roles internally in 2015. This aspect is of great importance under Strategy 2020, as employees affected by job cuts should be enabled to move into other suitable roles. See also chapter Long-term perspective to managing change The Bank has also maintained insourcing efforts to broaden access to key skills and capabilities within the organization, especially in the area of technology.

More than 10,000 FTEs changed roles internally
More than 10,000 FTEs changed roles internally (pie chart)More than 10,000 FTEs changed roles internally (pie chart)
Hires by major job categories
Hires by major job categories (bar chart)Hires by major job categories (bar chart)

Building new talent

Another key aspect of Deutsche Bank’s hiring strategy is to ensure a steady pipeline of junior talent, including permanent hires and interns, and investment in this area will continue. The year 2015 saw more than 750 graduates hired, 37.1% of whom are female (2014: 34.3%). This represents one of the largest classes ever, joining the Bank across all infrastructure functions and business divisions. The increase on the previous year (2014: 577) is attributable to a number of factors, including greater demand for graduates with technology skills and a higher intake in Corporate Banking & Securities (CB&S) after declines in recent years. During a joint induction and orientation program in the summer, the graduates were introduced to aspects of the Bank’s business and culture, trained in relevant technical skills, and afforded an opportunity to build relationships early on.

There has also been a particular strategic focus on integrating divisional graduate trainee programs for all infrastructure functions to build a broader and more flexible talent pool for the future. As a result, junior employees are offered improved career opportunities and flexibility, a key factor determining Deutsche Bank’s overall ability to retain people with the requisite skills.

Talent acquisition
Talent acquisition (bar chart)Talent acquisition (bar chart)