Deutsche Bank

Human Resources
Report 2015

A long-term perspective to managing change

In close cooperation with its social partners, Deutsche Bank continues to work on increasing employees’ ability and willingness to adapt to changes in their working environment. This is designed to have a positive impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of strategic measures while strengthening levels of future employability and performance among staff.

The “Mosaic for Employment” program covers proactive and ongoing coaching for employees’ personal development and career planning as well as counseling services for professional orientation and redeployment in restructuring phases. The service, first established in Germany in 1998 and part of Deutsche Bank’s social plan, is operated by a team of professionals at arm’s length from the Bank’s management.

In 2015, the focus was on dealing constructively with change, whether initiated directly by employees or related to the Bank’s strategic measures. The program offers active support to staff and a special training course provides long-term preparation for developments in both their personal and professional environments. During the year, approximately 1,400 employees registered for the voluntary career fitness program, and since its inception, around 19,000 staff in Germany have participated.

participants in the Bank's career fitness program in Germany

To promote awareness among managers, HR representatives, members of the works council and employees, the team develops and conducts special workshops: for example, on lending professional support to employees in a transition phase, as well as on management in change scenarios. In a broad-based campaign that ran from 2014 through 2015, works council members and HR Business Advisers were invited to attend one-day workshops. See also chapter Collaboration with social partners More than 30 workshops for this specific target group attracted over 300 participants nationwide. The offering for managers also comprised a number of workshops and roundtable events.

Wide range of assistance and support

The Mosaic for Employment program took comprehensive measures to guide employees who were directly affected by restructuring measures, ranging from information events and workshops to individual coaching. It also supported staff returning after parental leave and assisted apprentices in finding a position within the company after completing their training. Overall, these measures served to support 1,200 employees in 2015.

In addition, there is growing demand for the Bank’s flexible employment models among staff in an orientation phase as well as for those transitioning into retirement. It is becoming increasingly important to ensure knowledge transfer from retirees and to staff important projects with experienced employees, including former colleagues.

The Mosaic for Employment program makes an important contribution to implementing the Bank’s strategy in general, as well as to fulfilling the HR function’s specific strategic priorities, for example by promoting and ensuring internal career mobility. See also chapter Talent acquisition In addition, it helps to foster diversity by supporting the reintegration of experienced employees following parental or sick leave and other absences.