Deutsche Bank

Human Resources
Report 2015

Close collaboration with the Bank’s social partners

The implementation of Strategy 2020 will see continued close cooperation with Deutsche Bank’s social partners which is based on mutual trust. The Bank is committed to a transparent and constructive dialogue with employee representatives in devising and negotiating strategic measures across all divisions.

As part of its activities in 2015, HR’s Labor Relations team was able to ensure the necessary stability for the Bank’s strategy process up to the year 2017 by helping to renegotiate and conclude numerous wage agreements, including those for employees of Postbank and key service units. These long-term wage agreements support the planned IPO or sale of Postbank. This is a result of constructive cooperation with the social partners which is marked by a high degree of trust, providing security for both employees and employer in the restructuring process.

The objective within Strategy 2020 is to reach a framework agreement for the realization of individual strategy measures in Germany, including a reduction of staff in a socially responsible manner. Negotiations on this started in fall 2015. The individual measures will be implemented in 2016 and 2017.

In 2015, HR supported the implementation of a number of restructuring measures in the business divisions as well as the consolidation of legal entities. As part of this, the function played a significant role in integrating outsourced employees of Deutsche Bank Risk GmbH into Deutsche Bank AG, including the incorporation into collective wage (tariff) agreements for the private banking sector.

Moreover, HR continuously contributes to all issues and activities across the organization that are subject to participation by the Bank’s social partners. This includes close collaboration with the representative body for disabled employees and the works council in Germany on all matters related to the integration of employees with disabilities, such as hiring processes, workplace design and regulation of working hours. See also chapter Fostering diversity Outside of Germany, HR actively supports the work of the European works council and facilitates communications between management and employee delegates based in locations in the European Union where the Bank has a prominent presence.

The Bank is an active member of the German Employers’ Association of Private Banks and the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations, as well as a founding member of the German DIN standardization institute’s committee on HR management. Moreover, its HR function remains an important partner for business and political representatives, especially in discussions regarding social, wage, labor market and employment policy. In cooperation with industry peers as well as other DAX companies, it sets and develops standards for HR work within the organization as well as industry-wide.