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Report 2015

Diversity is critical to long-term success

Deutsche Bank is committed to an inclusive culture that respects and embraces the diversity of employees, clients and communities. The Bank aims to attract, develop and retain the most capable employees from all cultures and countries, and of all ethnicities, races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences. Diversity is central to Deutsche Bank’s culture, and its leaders are expected to foster an inclusive and respectful work environment where all employees can be themselves, contribute their best work and succeed based on merit.

at Deutsche Bank (2014: 145)

Making an impact on gender diversity

Together with the other DAX 30 companies, Deutsche Bank signed a voluntary declaration in 2011 to substantially raise the proportion of female managers by the end of 2018. To achieve this, the Bank focuses on building a steady pipeline of female executives for broader and more senior positions. In 2015, the percentage of women at Managing Director and Director level rose to 20.5% from 19.4% in 2014. The share of female officers increased to 32.5% (2014: 31.7%).

Increased ratio of women in management positions
Increased ratio of women in management positions (bar chart)Increased ratio of women in management positions (bar chart)

Furthermore, the Bank’s Accomplished Top Leaders Advancement Strategy (ATLAS) and Women Global Leaders (WGL) programs have continued with success. Since its launch in 2009, 56 women (2015: 15) have participated in the award-winning ATLAS program, with around 50% having taken on more responsibility since completion. In 2015, 37 female Directors from across Deutsche Bank participated in the WGL program, designed and delivered in partnership with INSEAD business school. Since inception in 2010, one in two participants has been promoted within three years of completion.

In its recruitment activities, Deutsche Bank also focuses on achieving a better balance between male and female candidates.

External hires
External hires (bar chart)External hires (bar chart)