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Engaging with employees

In 2015, Deutsche Bank concluded a series of highly visible internal awareness campaigns and reminders on the values and beliefs as well as various workshops. The Bank has continued its cooperation with the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln), holding seminars for Managing Directors and Directors in Germany and making these a regular feature of its leadership curriculum. Focus has now shifted to ensuring employees actively engage with the values and beliefs in day-to-day business. In close cooperation with Compliance, Deutsche Bank also rolled out a new mandatory training course for all employees on its Code of Conduct and Business Ethics.

The internal “Culture Ambassadors” network, launched in 2014, has continued to grow to more than 600 employees who are active culture carriers. The network’s mission is to connect and engage employees from all divisions, regions and hierarchy levels in championing the values in their immediate teams and areas of influence. Furthermore, 15 cross-divisional teams were honored in 2015 as part of the “Living the Values Awards”, which recognize employees who stand out for achieving business success through championing the values and demonstrating exemplary behavior.

Deutsche Bank People Survey 2015

In June, Deutsche Bank conducted the 2015 People Survey to assess levels of commitment and enablement as well as engagement with the values and beliefs. Almost 57,000 employees, or 63% of the total workforce (all permanent employees, including Postbank colleagues who are part of PBC Banking Services), participated – an increase of 4.5% on 2014.

The survey provided a detailed understanding of how employees experience Deutsche Bank and their immediate working environment, as well as how they engage with their managers and peers. The results are intended to help senior management create an environment in which employees can thrive and deliver sustainable performance for the Bank.


familiarity with values and beliefs


high personal motivation to go the extra mile

Since the People Survey was updated in 2014 to capture aspects of the Bank’s cultural change process, results have shown progress in both familiarity and engagement with the values and beliefs: employees’ awareness rose to 93% (2014: 85%), while engagement was at 61%, up five percentage points from the previous year. However, although employees witnessed an increase in behavioral changes, they said they require more tangible evidence that living the values has a positive impact on achieving Deutsche Bank’s strategic objectives. For this reason, the focus will shift from building awareness to putting the values and beliefs into practice and creating clearer links between culture, conduct and achieving business results.

People Survey 2015
People Survey 2015 (bar chart)People Survey 2015 (bar chart)

The commitment level declined to 62% in 2015 as Deutsche Bank continued to face a number of internal and external challenges. While the personal motivation of employees remained stable and at high levels, commitment to working at Deutsche Bank decreased as measured in June 2015. Enablement was stable, with staff experiencing a working environment that allows them to make good use of their skills and fulfill interesting tasks. However, they also identified some barriers to effectiveness, such as some inefficient processes, which need to be overcome.

The results of the 2015 People Survey were communicated starting in August, with a focus on three action points:

  • communicate and create a more open and transparent environment;
  • give greater accountability to employees and hold each other responsible for contributions and decisions;
  • remove barriers to effectiveness and follow through on decisions.

Since then, these points have also been addressed as part of Deutsche Bank’s Strategy 2020. Examples include reducing the number of committees to reduce complexity and assign responsibility more clearly.