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Human Resources
Report 2015

About the report

This report describes how the work of the Human Resources function is anchored as an integral component in our global company and supports Deutsche Bank’s strategy. The Bank wishes to provide transparency with regard to HR topics, and in so doing, takes its orientation both from standards which already exist and those that are currently being developed. A sound basis for industry-wide benchmarks can only be ensured if other companies also engage in transparent reporting. This publication will provide you with all of our key employee figures. The reporting period corresponds to Deutsche Bank’s financial year (January through December 2015). The HR Report is being made accessible to the general public in this form for the third time.

Report criteria

When compiling key employee figures, we apply some criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 standard, as well as the Human Capital Reporting (HCR10) recommendations for transparent HR reporting, which has a special focus on DAX 30 companies. Moreover, since 2011, Deutsche Bank has been actively involved in the Technical Committee 260 of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which addresses the topic of HR management and is also represented on national mirror committees, such as ANSI (U.S.), BSI (UK) and DIN (Germany).

Reporting scope

We view this report as an extension of the HR topics covered in the Annual Report and Corporate Responsibility Report of Deutsche Bank AG. Fundamental company information and key financial figures can be found in Deutsche Bank’s annual financial statements and Management Report.

Data review and transparency

Employees from the Communications, CSR & Public Affairs department worked closely together with their colleagues in HR to compile the data relevant for their areas of responsibility and integrated them into this report.

Feedback and comments

We regard the dialogue with our stakeholders and orienting our reporting toward information requirements as an ongoing endeavor. Please feel free to use the contact details in the imprint to send us your feedback and comments.

Online presence on HR topics

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