Deutsche Bank

Human Resources
Report 2016

Accelerating development

Reflecting its commitment to helping employees develop professionally and personally and advance their careers, Deutsche Bank decided at the end of 2015 to consolidate a number of its talent acceleration programs and to build out a cross-divisional approach, starting with Vice Presidents.

The first-ever bankwide “Vice President Acceleration Program” was launched in May 2016, with the development journey for participants spanning six months and training methods including interactive business simulations. In 2016, 482 Vice Presidents started the program, which is held in various regional centers (Europe: London, Frankfurt and Milan; Americas: New York; and Asia: Singapore).

participants in the bankwide
“Vice President Acceleration Program”

Furthermore, the 2016 “Infrastructure Director Program” was run from April 2016, spanning a 12-month journey with 61 participants. Focus themes are: building talent, functional expertise and leadership capability. Deutsche Bank’s “Women Global Leaders” (WGL) and the “Accomplished Top Leaders Advancement Strategy” (ATLAS) programs have been successful in accelerating the progress of high-performing female Directors and Managing Directors, creating a pipeline of female talent for broader and more senior roles. Since 2009, more than half of the participants of these programs have been promoted or have taken on more responsibility. In 2016, 39 female Directors participated in WGL – coached by former ATLAS graduates – and 15 Managing Directors took part in ATLAS’s closing module in early 2016.

In addition to the bank’s flagship programs, a suite of individualized feedback and development products are also available to managers. For the bank’s most senior leaders, the “Leadership Feedback and Development” process is a personalized diagnostic tool that assists them in working closely with a development specialist to gather comprehensive feedback on their leadership strengths and development areas. Participants extensively explore their aspirations, experiences and capabilities during this appraisal of their unique leadership style. More than 150 leaders have participated since its introduction in 2014 (2016: 24 participants).

A “360 degree” online feedback tool is available to Vice Presidents and above, enabling detailed feedback on their leadership capabilities from a range of internal stakeholders. Participants have a debrief meeting with a certified development specialist to distil key themes and development priorities. In 2016, 284 participants completed the 360 degree feedback process.