Deutsche Bank

Human Resources
Report 2016

Regional activities and resource groups

During the year, Deutsche Bank continued to host or participate in various regional events and initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace:

  • As a founding member, Deutsche Bank was proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Charta der Vielfalt” in Berlin, a corporate initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions in Germany under the patronage of Chancellor Angela Merkel.
  • The bank co-sponsored the sixth annual “Veterans on Wall Street” symposium and virtual hiring event designed to promote hiring and advancement of U.S. military veterans.
  • Deutsche Bank supported Autistica, one of its UK charities of the year, in developing, among other things, a prototype app that will help people with autism manage anxiety by tracking their emotional state with a software diary.
  • Through a broad range of resource groups, the bank facilitates support for employees on a number of topics including families and multicultural backgrounds. For example, a new initiative with a focus on working fathers was launched in Germany.
  • dbEnable, another resource group, deals with disability and inclusion in the workplace. In Germany, HR also works closely with the representative body for disabled employees. The proportion of employees in Germany with a disability increased to 3.9% in 2016 – this has been an area of particular focus amid the bank’s restructuring. Deutsche Bank has also expanded its longstanding cooperation with dedicated sheltered workshops, which offer employment opportunities for people with disability in order to promote such employment options.

Employees with a disability (Germany only)







Germany excluding primarily Postbank and BHF (sold in 2014). DB Investment Services integrated in 2016, Sal. Oppenheim integrated in 2015

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