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Report 2016

Corporate profile

»The Management Board has decided on some fundamental revisions and decisive advances in the strategy we announced in the autumn of 2015. [...] There are three core elements:

  • Strengthening our position in our home market by combining Postbank with our Private & Commercial Clients business, thus creating the clear market leader in Germany;
  • Unleashing the growth potential of Deutsche Asset Management by floating a minority stake; and
  • Reinforcing our business with international corporations by creating a single, integrated corporate and investment bank. This business has been the hallmark of Deutsche Bank since we were founded.«

Message from John Cryan on Deutsche Bank’s capital increase and strategy to all employees on March 5, 2017

1 In line with our strategy, the Non-Core Operations Unit (NCOU) closed effective 1 January, 2017
2 Going forward to be referred to as Fixed Income & Currencies (FIC)