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Human Resources
Report 2017

Focus on control functions and digitalization

While Deutsche Bank continues to take a balanced approach to talent acquisition, actively seeking to fill job openings internally whenever possible, it is sometimes necessary to bring in specific skills and experience from the external labor market. This may be due to either dedicated business growth plans or expansion in locations where the bank does not yet have the required resources and skills.

In 2017, Deutsche Bank hired around 4,900 officers (2016: 5,300) and 4,700 non-officers (2016: 4,200) from the external market, more than half in infrastructure functions – with a heavy focus on technology, regulatory and control skill-sets. Strengthening our Anti-Financial Crime and Compliance capability was a key driver of hiring growth during the year.

Hires by major job categories
Hires by major job categories (bar chart)Hires by major job categories (bar chart)

A more efficient hiring process ensures the bank can identify and hire the right talent in a timely manner with a focus on candidate experience. We continued to make improvements to our talent acquisition practices during the year which included the enhancement of our hiring as well as screening and onboarding policies.

Across all levels of hiring, Deutsche Bank continued to focus on social media activities as well as using external review boards to create a better understanding of its employer brand and reputation in the market, for instance via job and recruiting site Glassdoor, which also holds a databank of employee reviews. The bank saw 19% growth year-on-year in followers for its careers social media channels – to 878,609 as of December 31, 2017. Approximately 65,000 Deutsche Bank employees are currently LinkedIn members. Reaching some 10 million people, the bank publishes more than 50 content items per month, primarily focusing on people stories.

Additionally, various campaigns have been developed to embed the culture behind internal career mobility or to promote specific areas of the bank which are in focus for hiring, e.g. Regulation, Compliance and Anti-Financial Crime. The latter resulted in 4.8 million impressions on social media, 13,000 direct clicks to the dedicated landing page and 67,000 online visitors during the campaign. In total, 35,000 unique candidates applied and 927 positions were filled, 45% of which internally, as of December 31, 2017.