Deutsche Bank

Human Resources
Report 2017

Accelerating development

Reflecting its commitment to helping employees develop professionally and personally and advance their careers, Deutsche Bank has made significant progress since the end of 2015 to consolidate a number of its talent acceleration programs and to build out a cross-divisional approach.

At the end of 2017, the Accomplished Top Leaders Advancement Strategy (ATLAS) acceleration program for female Managing Directors was approved by the Management Board to launch its fifth cohort in 2018. This program is currently under review and design with an expected launch in May 2018.

The first-ever bank-wide Director Acceleration Program (DAP) was launched in May 2017, with the development journey for participants spanning twelve months. The construct of the program is a four-day global module held in London where participants hear from Members of the Management Board on their expectations of leaders and gain key strategic insights from professors from the London Business School. Participants are then invited to two modules in their nearest regional hub location (Europe: London, Frankfurt; Americas: New York; and Asia: Singapore, Hong Kong). Themes range from leadership acceleration and organizational change to building talent as well as influence and communication. This classroom content is underpinned by 360° feedback and coaching.

For the first year, the Women Global Leaders (WGL) module was embedded within the DAP, as the criteria and outcomes of both programs are aligned and target the same talent pool. The incorporation of WGL allowed the bank to retain its key focus on senior female development, while providing them with an extended journey. The female executives who were identified for DAP (33% which was the highest ever across a mixed acceleration program) began their 12-month program with the WGL module and continued with their male colleagues from the global module onwards.

The Vice President Acceleration Program ran again in 2017, completing its second year. This six-month development journey comprises two modules held in Europe (London, Frankfurt, Milan), the Americas (New York) and Asia (Singapore). The statistics from the first year of the program have shown a higher promotion rate and increased retention versus the wider Vice President population:

  • Promotions: 24.6% of participants were promoted to Director in March 2017, compared with the 3.8% bank-wide promotion rate for Vice President to Director.
  • Retention: 94.0% of participants are still with the bank, compared with the 92.6% bank-wide retention rate for Vice Presidents in 2017 (as of August 2017).

Postbank has its own development programs, such as Advanced Professionals, which is aimed at supporting high performers in a specialist career and personal and professional stocktaking, or the Junior Management Program and the Management Program for non-managerial employees with the potential and drive to prepare for their next career move.