Deutsche Bank

Human Resources
Report 2017

An inclusive work environment

As a global organization, Deutsche Bank is committed to an inclusive culture that respects and embraces the diversity of employees, clients and communities. Diversity and inclusion are central to the bank’s culture and impact its workforce, workplace and marketplace, specifically by:

  • building talented and diverse teams to drive business results;
  • creating a respectful and inclusive environment where people can thrive;
  • strengthening Deutsche Bank’s reputation with clients, partners, regulators, communities and potential employees.

We aim to attract, develop and retain the best people from all cultures, countries, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences. To this end – and to prepare for opportunities and challenges arising from changing demographics and digitalization – we follow an integrated and multi-dimensional approach across our HR activities as well as activities throughout the organization.

Pursuing a collaborative and cross-divisional approach, a dedicated team within HR helps to embed diversity and inclusion in all people processes. Furthermore, it works closely with Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility as well as the business divisions and infrastructure functions to ensure diversity and inclusion is an integral part of the bank’s operating DNA both internally and externally.