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Report 2017

Supporting colleagues with disabilities

As an integral part of our commitment to inclusion, we strive to enable the full participation of people with disabilities. A number of measures are in place to ensure that the rights of disabled persons are respected and to foster their social participation, self-determination and inclusion in the workplace. In addition to providing work stations designed to meet special requirements and any required devices, special attention is given to the accessibility of building entrances, elevators, restrooms and parking. People with severe disability may be employed in schemes offering flexible or reduced working hours. They can also be exempted from overtime work and are entitled to special leave of six days a year.

Employees with disabilities (Germany)







Postbank included retrospectively since 2013, DB Investment Services integrated in 2016, Sal. Oppenheim integrated in 2015. 2013 excluding BHF (sold in 2014).

Documented obligatory workplaces in % of total staff






In Germany, the proportion of employees with disability increased to 5.7% as of year-end 2017 (2016: 5.6%). These individuals are supported by the representative body for disabled employees and HR, while dbEnable is our dedicated resource group, focusing on disability and integration in the workplace. Through its successful and longstanding cooperation with the Association of Sheltered Workgroups (Genossenschaft der Werkstätten, GDW) in Germany, the bank also ensures a number of external jobs for people with disabilities. Through the GDW, Deutsche Bank assignments are coordinated and carried out in a number of dedicated workshops. The assignments range from digitalization, printing and copying, file destruction and disposal of waste equipment to stamp production and plant care.

dbEnable is the employee resource group promoting disability inclusion with chapters in the UK, India and Singapore. The UK group has a significant focus on mental health and in 2017 circulated a second series of compelling videos, “This is Me”, with employees sharing their own very personal stories about mental health. The videos have received more than 15,000 views so far. A global group is working on taking the topic forward.

Deutsche Bank Singapore’s efforts to increase participation in the workplace by people with disabilities was commended by SGEnable, a government agency dedicated to enabling people with disabilities. The bank won the “Achievement Award – Innovation Project” at the 4th Enabling Employees Awards in July 2017.

Our ground-breaking internship program in the UK for people with autism had a successful second year with five interns having contracts extended, joining the five former participants continuously employed from the 2016 intake. The program was designed in partnership with the research charity Autistica and comprises manager training and a new interview room designed to be inclusive to candidates with autism.