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Report 2017

What our employees say: results from the Spotlight People Survey

As we strive to improve our employees’ experience with the bank and gain insight into how they perceive their day-to-day work and the organization in general, we regularly run a bank-wide People Survey to measure commitment and enablement among our workforce. This is part of our culture to strengthen the dialogue between employees and senior management and to support an open mindset of collaboration across the divisions, functions and teams. Thereby, employees can express their views on where improvements have been made and what issues still need to be addressed.

In 2017, all Deutsche Bank employees (excluding Postbank) were invited to participate in the online survey, which was conducted from the end of April to mid-May. The survey uses a five-point scale. The response rate was 44% (2016: 47% with only a representative, random sample of around 20% of the employee base surveyed). The key engagement indicators, commitment (57%, 2016: 58%) and enablement (62%, 2016: 62%), were largely unchanged in 2017.

Spotlight People Survey 2017
Employee Commitment Index (bar chart)Employee Commitment Index (bar chart)

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Familiarity with the Deutsche Bank corporate values decreased slightly compared to 2016 but remains at a high level (88%). The number of employees who observe changes in behavior has remained steady (60%), while conviction that the corporate values will have a positive impact on reaching the bank’s strategic aspirations has continued to decline (60%; trend is indicative only as questions were reviewed following prior survey).

Meanwhile, employees feel that good progress has been made towards creating a safer and better-run Deutsche Bank, and compared to 2016, an increased number of staff believe that poor performance and misconduct are adequately addressed by their superiors. Satisfaction has also risen with regard to regular and clear feedback, and the support that employees receive in their development. In addition, more employees see an improvement in open and honest communication and feel that they can freely share their views. Employees also perceive significant improvements in their day-to-day work, they feel better enabled to manage risks adequately and have a deeper understanding of how their job contributes to the strategy of the bank.

To make these positive developments sustainable, employees have also identified areas that need further attention:

  • Trust and confidence in senior leaders’ skills to effectively navigate the bank through change need strengthening. Around one third of all employees take a “wait and see” approach when it comes to senior leaders’ ability to manage change and translate words into action. 
  • Recognition of good performance: Compared to 2016, the number of employees who feel that positive contribution is recognized appropriately is significantly smaller (with regard to compensation, career opportunities, appreciation and positive feedback in day-to-day work).
  • Better support: Employees feel they need more collaboration and quicker decision-making in their day-to-day work.

Throughout the year, the bank drove various initiatives to address the key action areas identified in this most recent survey. Going forward, the bank must continue to embed its values into people and business practices in order to promote positive behavior and continue to underpin a safer and better-run bank.

At Postbank, the annual employee survey was held between September 4 and 22, 2017 – with a participation rate of 71% (2016: 67%). Employees were surveyed on the following nine topics: identification, leadership, customer orientation, business success/targets, productivity and efficiency, vision and mission, ability to change, communication and digital transformation (new). The approval rates increased for all nine topics.